Wednesday, 24 July 2013

re: profit


Robot002 is an automated system that uses a mathematical algorithm that Monetize more times during the day many small gains!
Bullish and Bearish works simultaneously with Micro-grid 0.02 to exchange Eur / Usd exploiting the volatility!
Use Maximum Leverage effect made 1:20 with a starting capital of 5,000, in the case of a lower capital eg: 2500 € leverage increases to 1:40, in this case it is advisable to carry out subsequent capital increases up to reach the starting capital of the master of € 5,000!
The enhanced performance is reached after 12/15 months of operation ...

In this way we can take advantage of the changes in value that Currencies undergo in the course of the day!
Without being at the computer for hours and follow the market on the platform of trading. We think our robot! bringing small gains every day!


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